Process optimization

Process optimization

One of the keys to the success in the aviation industry when it comes to safety is that all processes and procedures are designed according to the assumption that we all make mistakes. Would you like to know how we can re-design your procedures?

The aviation industry has worked hard to get rid of the ”zero error illusion”. It’s called that because no person is free from errors. We can never find error-less staff no matter how well we train, recruit, pay and motivate our staff. We can of course find people that make few mistakes but they will all make mistakes from time to time.

If we wan’t a minimum amount of human errors we have to design all processes and procedures in a way that it’s hard to make errors and easy to get it right.

If you wan’t an error frequency that is close to zero you will need the procedures described above and a minimum of two persons trained in CRM x-checking each others actions.  If the people checking each other aren’t trained in CRM they will risk affecting each other in a way that make them perceive the information at hand in the same way and most likely make the same mistake. In that way they will counter act the x-checking. CRM-training teaches people how to interact with each other in a way that makes x-checking effective.

With our expertise in CRM and you’re detailed knowledge about you’re business we can create procedures together that will fit you’re company’s needs and be more protected from human errors.

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